Icely Done 

Shaking up a cocktail brand

In early 2018 Knock Knock were invited to work with Icely Done, a cracking cocktail company based in Hertfordshire.  They supply some of the UK’s biggest bars and events with cocktail solutions - from their own handcrafted blends to frozen cocktail machines. Their aim is to make sure the bars and events they supply give their customers a night (or day, for those early starters) to remember.

The challenge

Icely done has grown quickly from a start-up to an established business.  Their brand was fit for its original purpose (when they started-out with only frozen cocktails), but it needed a refresh to fit with its current business and ambitious strategy.


Like many successful startups, their brand and marketing strategy was informal. They were looking for something with a bit more structure, yet with enough flexibility to grow and react in the future.


We were asked to dive deep into the world of cocktails (*hic*) and work with them to improve Icely Done’s brand and build their first formal marketing strategy. The aim was to strengthen their position, build the brand’s awareness, reach and engage prospective buyers- and ultimately increase the number of customers.


The journey

First up, we started with our brand health-check. We looked at how the current brand was performing across Icely Done’s various channels and touchpoints (using our ‘brand-stress’ test).  We followed this with interviews of those close to the brand, and an extensive review of the competition and the wider cocktail world. We also looked at each product and where they fitted within the brand architecture (e.g. did they feel like they were part of the same family or brands in their own right?).   At the same time, we worked on a positioning statement and proposition.We used (amongst other things) a smart little tool called the ‘Onlyness exercise’ to better understand the place within the market that Icely Done occupied.


We then worked closely with Icely Done’s founder Lefti to refine and develop the organisation’s brand identity (from its; very essence to its promise, values and purpose). Then it was onto the more external elements of the brand - those that would help convey its essence to customers and partners, like its personality, tone and presentation (the visuals).  

We brought in a designer (the talented Adam Jenkins Designs) to bring the brand to life in visual form. Through a number of iterations we redesigned the logo, created a brand ‘mechanism’ that could run throughout Icely Done’s ecosystem to give it consistency and developed visuals for merchandise, POS and online.


Once the refreshed and refined brand was developed, we moved on to creating a tailored plan to get it noticed. We called this plan: The Margarita starter. A way to build a solid marketing foundation, that could grow in scope (to lets say, a Margarita Pitcher).  It was based on one of the first lessons Lefti gave us about cocktail making - a classic cocktail can be made of three parts:  The reliable base, the mixer and the garnish. We took this, and created the following framework for the plan:

The reliable base (Tequila - a strong foundation that packs a punch)
Improving online presence. Ensuring you are easily found for those looking for you – and new customers who didn’t know they were.

The ‘credibility’  mixer (Triple sec - a sweet finish that lives long in the memory) Building reputation to create long term trust in your brand – to help you approach new audiences in the future and increase retention of existing.

The garnish (‘The slice and squeeze of lime that brings everything together’). Refining the brand - A brand is more than just decoration. It balances the whole business. By creating consistency and focusing embedding it into everything you do, you will create a strong .

Finally, it’s all well and good having a new brand and strategy but you need someone to make it happen.  In Lefti, they have the person, but he is a busy man and support was needed. We helped Icely Done to employee their first marketing staff member, and bring its new strategy into fruition.

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