We offer several services to help you build, shape and grow your existing brand. From reviewing its ecosystem, to implementing refreshes or total rebrands.  We’ll work  closely with you on every aspect, from conception to launch.

Brand Audits

To deliver a successful brand strategy you need to understand your brand’s ecosystem. That includes knowing your audiences and competitors, aswell as understanding how your existing brand is perceived by them. We’ll also review the effectiveness of your promotional channels and the culture running throughout your organisation.

Our brand health check will give you an in depth analysis and fresh perspective on your offering. We’ll assess all your options and offer recommendations to build something special - with longevity.

Brand Development 

There are many elements needed to create a successful brand and we can support and advise you on how to develop and build them all. Including:  


  • Positioning: We'll help you define your audiences, competitors and your place in the market.

  • Brand anatomy: Knock Knock will work with you to define your brand’s essence (the thing at the heart and soul of your organisation), its purpose, its promise and the values that underpin it.

  • Messaging: We’ll craft powerful, memorable and relevant messages that get you noticed and understood.

  • Identity: We build brands with personality, a true voice and a relevant tone to help you effectively communicate with your audience.

  • Visual identity: A brand is much more than just a logo. We’ll help you build a total visual identity that works across all mediums, that people will remember.

  • Culture: Effective brands need buy-in from all those you work with - from staff members to partners. We'll help you embed your brand principles throughout your organisation - so it becomes something truly lived.

  • Brand roll out: You’ve got a new or refreshed brand, it now needs to be implemented. We can project manage its successful release into the wild.



We work with our clients to devise marketing strategies and plans that are realistic, achievable for your organisation and that offer real bite.

Knock-out strategies 

Knock Knock works closely with our clients to create plans that  get you noticed.


We’ll position your organisation and communicate effectively with your audience to get the results you want. We’ll identify opportunities and create an integrated marketing plan that gets you to your audience, at the right time and place, and in the right way. We’ll shape your communications and choose the right channels to engage with your audience and generate the leads you desire. Both digitally and in the real world.

We’ll work with you to set objectives 

  • Define communications 

  • Target audiences 

  • Build tactics and select the right channels 

  • Schedule and implement marketing activity 

  • Develop content and social media planning 

  • Optimise your website (SEO) 

  • Manage budgets 

  • Measure and evaluate your activities

Search optimisation & content plans 

You've got a website, great.  But how do you create quality content and get people to see it? We'll help you build a content plan and work with you on search engine and content strategies (SEO) to get the content and pages you create seen. Increasing your reach and traffic.  

Social media

We’ll work with your team to develop the right social media strategy. One that compliments your objectives and brings out the best of your brand.


We offer an audit of your current channels (and where social media fits within your business), identify new audiences (who and where they are) for your new channels, and develop social media campaign and content ideas. We’ll also get you off to a great start, with a three month, six month or full year social media plan.

Knock Knock also offers a monthly check-in service, to help you review and tweak your social media activity to take advantage of real time opportunities.



Campaign Development

Have something to talk about,  but don’t know how to do it in an engaging way?  We thrive at developing both one-off and ongoing campaign solutions that:


  • Grow awareness

  • Build reputation

  • Increase reach

  • Improve and grow website traffic (such as search engine optimisation)

  • Increase leads and sales

  • Generate brand engagement and good-will

  • Improve advocacy and word-of-mouth


We’ll develop an effective creative solution to get you, your product or services noticed. Our campaigns are built to complement your existing strategy and include fully mapped-out activity plans you and your team can implement.

Campaign Management 

You’ve now got something to talk about - we can also help you project manage the campaign, to ensure it is rolled out smoothly and maintains momentum.



Digital Advertising

We'll help you develop strategies for social media advertising on the ‘big’ platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). We can also help you develop your online advertising with Google and YouTube adverts (AdWords). From keyword selection to advertising creative and copy.

Other forms of advertising

We also have experience of developing advertising campaigns for other formats including radio, press, transport adverts (tube stations, billboards etc.) and for new emerging advertising platforms (such as Snapchat and Spotify).



Bespoke Training 

We can build you a tailored training session for your team and organisation, developing their brand and marketing skills.


We also run a number of existing training packages suitable for groups and individuals:

Twit-Huh? Social media training day

We deliver a day's training to support, inspire and empower your team to effectively use and grow their social media channels, including workshops to help the team build strategies for new channels.


We cover approaches to different tasks required for managing social media accounts, a workshop to deliver something tangible (including content creation) and take-away tips to support implementation.


Advertising 101 training & set-up.

Struggling to understand the difference between Facebook carousel adverts, Twitter organic ads and Google's PPC?  We’ll work with you to develop your understanding and help you choose the best advertising routes to meet your objectives. We’ll also work with you for the day to help you develop and set up your social media and online adverts, and build your skills to implement them yourself.


Looking for something more bespoke to help you grow your brand?  Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll build you a tailored package of support.


Get in touch for a quote, any enquiries or just a good ol' chat.

Looking for something more bespoke to help you grow your brand or to take your marketing activity to the next level?  Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll build you a tailored package of support.  

We're based in London and Hertfordshire, but we work with people and brands across the UK!



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